Wheatland Fireplace Kitchen & Bath

So what’s changed at Wheatland? 

The Wheatland team are excited to announce our REBRAND to the World!

wheatland fireplace kitchen & bathWe have been working diligently over the last 6 months planning this launch. Our changes are many, however, we believe passionately that they are best for both ourselves, and our wonderful clients across Saskatchewan.



Wheatland Fireplace kitchen & bath logoWheatland Fireplace Kitchen & Bath.

Well for a start our name. Our logo has been updated and refreshed, along with our website too!  – we hope you like the new modern clean look that was created by our collaboration with the team at  Trusted Marketing Services!

What else has changed at Wheatland?

Of course, probably the biggest change has been the addition of bathroom and kitchen products to our line up. We also decided to cease selling hot tubs.


Wheatland is known for carrying premium products, our clients want the best products for their homes. The BBQ’s, fireplace and artwork we sell are are an investment for any home. The Wheatland management team committed to only adding high quality bathroom and kitchen product to our range.

Why bathroom & kitchen products?

As with most changes we make,  it was due to customer demand. We have been asked repeatedly for years if we offered these lines. Customers were disappointed when said no. Of course, we were happy to help point them in the right direction of local stores that did …but it got us thinking about what we liked,  and more importantly what was offered here in Saskatchewan!

Last year we began attending trade shows to get a feel of what we liked. Initially we were overwhelmed by all the options! As time went on we found ourselves extremely impressed by the caliber of the product being manufactured in Canada. We are proud to say that ALL of our new Bathroom & Kitchen fixtures and fittings products are Canadian! made-in-canada


Once we decided on the changes we knew we needed more space. We made the decision to stop selling hot tubs ( they take up a lot of floor space), which allowed us to extend the showroom into the warehouse. Renovations never go as fast as you wish, and we had to wait for the new product to arrive …but we are so pleased with how it has turned out!! Please do come down to our showroom and see for yourself!


All of our new and existing products are available across Saskatchewan!

Please do browse our stunning galleries and our new and existing  product range . Then come and see for yourself why ‘Better Living Begins Here’At Wheatland it is ALL ABOUT YOU!


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