Stûv Fireplaces at Wheatland Fireplace

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A State of Mind

Stûv has always paid particular attention to the functional aspects of its fireplaces and has made many innovations that have set standards in the stove and fireplace industry. Today, more than ever, Stûv is looking for innovative solutions that integrate renewable energy into the heating systems of tomorrow.


Stûv , Schoener Wohnen 12/06, S.84-85 Model Released

Stûv 21125 Double Face

The Stûv 21125 is a beautiful focal point in any room! These Fireplaces designed to be installed without a frame or decorative accessories. The clean lines allow the craftsman who installs the fireplace to give free rein to his creativity!





Stûv 30 CompactStûv 30 compact at Wheatland Fireplace

Because of its smaller combustion chamber, the Stûv 30-compact is perfectly suited to the smaller and very well insulated homes of today. Most of the stoves found on the market are too big. Consequently, these stoves are too powerful and are not used efficiently: because they burn slowly, their performance decreases and their combustion is not as clean.




Stuv Cube 58Stûv _Cube_58_Wheatland_Fireplace

Wood burning stoves that are both sober and pure of line and emphasize the viewing of the flames. Impressive combustion and high efficiency make the Stûv 58-cube the ideal wood heating solution whether as your main or supplemental heating or simply for pleasure.




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