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Quality is in the Flame

Savannah has had the highest level of quality control since they install and service their own product right in their own backyard. As a result, everything they design is specifically designed for ease of installation and quickness to service. Savannah prides itself on keeping on the cutting edge of new technology as evident in some of their most recent products. Their designs are modern and contemporary as they look to celebrate the future of fireplace designs, not repackaging the past.

We can order any Savannah products in current manufacture.

See some of the most popular models below:

Pinnacle 55 at Wheatland FireplaceSavannah Pinnacle 55

The flagship of Savannah’s Fireplace line. It is a 55” linear fireplace that will be the center piece of your living room. Fully loaded with porcelain panels and deluxe system you cannot miss at such a reasonable price. Ranging from 36,000 BTU’s to 21,000 on low.

BL 936 Savannah at Wheatland Fireplace

Savannah BL936

Nothing else is even close to the uniqueness of the BL936!  This is hands down the narrowest linear around at only 8-3/4” deep for framing. It is a true 36” wide linear and a modern design with a strong flame and an attractive surround. If you are looking to save space and stay contemporary, this is the fireplace for you.


BLST21 at Wheatland FireplaceSavannah BLST21

The BLST21 elite 36″ See-Thru Linear Fireplace is the narrowest adaptable and affordable See-thru on the market today. Framing depth of only 11″. Why settle for a 22″ thick wall where space is precious!



Genesis Series

  • All contained within the fireplace
    Which Requires
    • No Gap
    • No Louvers
    • No Heat Dump
  • Combustibles ok – Wood & Drywall
  • Quick and Simple installation
  • Maintenance Friendly


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