Wheatland History

Established in 1982 in Balgonie, Saskatchewan, Wheatland began selling Glow Boy wood burning fireplaces out of a garage. They had local fireman installing these fireplaces for their customers. After noticing a significant demand for the product they were selling, two years later they decided to expand the business and move the operation to Regina. In 1984, Wheatland Fireplace was established and soon became the leading, and now oldest, hearth retailer in Saskatchewan. 3 years later Wheatland opened a store in Saskatoon, and both locations are still operational to this day.

                  In the early ’90’s gas fireplaces had become the newest radiant heat technology. With new manufacturers opening up across North America, Wheatland had decided to team up with a couple of these manufacturers to become distributors and retailers of their products in Saskatchewan.  They have continued to distribute and display these same products for 25 years.

                  In 2010, Wheatland had brought in new management. With the new team in place, they undertook aggressive product development and expansion. Within a couple of years, they had expanded their product line up in their retail stores and distribution from two manufacturers to seven and extended their distribution network into Manitoba. Serving numerous dealers throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Wheatland became the leading hearth distribution company in Saskatchewan.

                  Recently, the team at Wheatland began to notice a demand from customers for more products in relation to renovation and new construction. In 2016 Wheatland decided to further the expansion of their business, and Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath was the result. With a 6000 sq ft. showroom in Regina and a 5000 sq ft. showroom in Saskatoon Wheatland is now offering a full range of high-end kitchen and bath product for their customers, creating a “one-stop shop” for any renovation and new construction.

Come down to Wheatland today and see why better living begins here.