BBQ & Smokers

Expand your cooking outside of the kitchen and into the backyard for dinnertime adventures —the key to great BBQ is a great grill! If you are craving Southern-style BBQ try cooking your meat and fish in a smoker for an authentic, savory flavor at home. At Wheatland we ony stock high quality brands of smokers and BBQ’s that we guarantee will do your outdoor cooking justice! Add to your BBQ and/ or smoker and impress friends and family by working with our expert team to create a high-end outdoor kitchen too!

We invite you to visit our locations in Saskatoon and Regina so you can view our BBQ’s, Smokers and other outdoor and indoor products in our beautiful showrooms. Wheatland can order any of the smokers and BBQ’s  of the brands we carry that are in current manufacture. Click on the brand logos below to learn more about the Smoker and BBQ brands we carry, we guarantee you will be impressed by all of the options and choices.

Wheatland BBQ & Smoker Brands




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