Louisiana Grills at Wheatland Fireplace


Louisiana Grills Wood Pellet Grills and Ceramic Charcoal Barbecues for Gourmet Grilling.

Top of the line wood pellet barbecues and charcoal barbecues. Smoke, sear, char-grill, roast, bake, braise, and grill your way to delicious BBQ. Handcrafted In North America our BBQ’ and smokers are timeless classics, our cook everything grills are known for heavy duty construction & cooking versatility. They are the only grill you’ll ever need.

We can order any Louisiana Grills products in current manufacture.

See some of the most popular models and our personal favorites below!

A timeless classic, Louisiana Grill’s cook everything grill is known for its heavy duty construction & cooking versatility. It’s the only grill you’ll ever need. The Louisiana Grill 900 is a wood pellet grill that features 913 square inches of total cooking space, with a “set it and forget it” type of cooking style. This grill is a perfect size for 3 – 5 people.










Louisiana Grills’ famous burn technology matched with a beautiful stainless steel, double walled construction. The Louisiana Grills Series 800 Elite is a wood pellet grill which features an 838 square inches total cooking surface. Stainless steel finishing and double walled construction ensure a great grilling experience.










The Louisiana Grill Estate 860C features a full stainless steel construction. This luxury grill is fueled by all natural wood pellets and controlled by the Louisiana Grills Digital Control Center. The total cooking surface is 860 square inches, the main level is 579 square inches and the upper level is 281 square inches.










The LG Ceramic Series K22 uses the highest grade of ceramics. Our ceramic charcoal barbecue gives any new and aspiring home chef the versatility to perform and serve the finest in charcoal gourmet cooking. This ceramic charcoal grill features 574.76 square inches of total cooking surface with a temperature range up to 700°F. It is the perfect size for 4-6 people and offers versatile cooking for all grilling/smoking needs.