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Today, Kozy Heat is one of the leading fireplace manufacturers with a reputation for modern and contemporary designs combined with top energy efficiency for home heating. Our designs add to the look of any home, providing cozy heating for any room with our gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts, electric fireplace, gas fireplace accessories, as well as our selection of wood burning models.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas Inserts

Gas Fireplaces

Bellingham 38

From $7,876

Bellingham 52

From $11,053

Callaway 40

From $5,530

Callaway 50

From $6,125

Callaway See-Thru

From $8,260

Nordik 41DV

From $7,987

Gas Inserts

Chaska 25

From $4,053

Chaska 29

From $4,340

Chaska 34

From $4,865

Nordik 29i

From $4,830

Nordik 34i

From $5,180

Chaska 335s

From $3,983


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